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The Monster Scifi Show

The Monster Scifi Show is your go-to weekly podcast that is filled with the latest scifi and pop culture news plus movie & tv reviews/commentary.

It’s Scifi from a certain point of view.

Aug 24, 2020

Pandemic be damned and while we are at it the whole 2020 year can go suck it. 

On a lighter note, DC Fandome recently happened and brought joy to the joyless. We as DC fans have been the underdog to the Marvel machine, the Burger King to the McDonald's, the Pepsi to the Coke, the heroin to the crack... you get the...

Aug 18, 2020

Alas, Hamilton!!! 

This is not the normal podcast as musicals are not in my wheelhouse. However, while doing research, I suddenly remember I've seen and listened to a bunch of musicals over the years.

Do you need to take a moment from the new normal? Here's a great podcast to take your mind off your woes. 

Also, I...