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The Monster Scifi Show

The Monster Scifi Show is your go-to weekly podcast that is filled with the latest scifi and pop culture news plus movie & tv reviews/commentary.

It’s Scifi from a certain point of view.

Mar 21, 2018

If you enjoy my podcast and you are a podcaster, I would love to share promos. Here's my promo for my podcast which spotlights Darth Vader in a very goofy way. Feel free to reach out to me by email:

Finally, here's the link to the ESO Network Patreon...

Mar 17, 2018

Today's podcast comes with a heavy note of doom and gloom... but enough about me. What are the "BIG" 3 Scifi News items for this week:

  • Toys 'R Gone
  • James Bond* 25 is a go
  • Stephen Hawking Passes

 Finally, here's the link to the ESO Network Patreon page.  

*As mentioned on the podcast, check out my James Bond Songs...

Mar 12, 2018

As promised from the last Scifi News Podcast, I have lots of items to talk about even before I get to the 'BIG' 3 Scifi News items. 

As a heads up, here's what I'll be talking about on this podcast:

  • John Williams' last Star War Score
  • Reaction to Ralph Wrecks the Internet and Netflix's Lost in Space
  • Review of Netflix's...

Mar 4, 2018

Another week has come and another podcast is heading your way. Black Panther is still dominating the big screen and while I've seen it twice, I really want to see it again. #ForeverWakanda.

Putting that aside, what were the "BIG" 3 Scifi News items for this week:

  • We literally have a reboot of ReBoot
  • Burn, baby, burn....

Mar 2, 2018

The Monster Scifi Show Podcast is back in a very big way. This episode is well over two hours in which Mr. Gene, Tony and me, The Monster, review the first season of Star Trek Discovery.

As mentioned at the beginning of this show, Episodes 1 and 2 were previously discussed on an earlier podcast. You can click here to...