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The Monster Scifi Show

The Monster Scifi Show is your go-to weekly podcast that is filled with the latest scifi and pop culture news plus movie & tv reviews/commentary.

It’s Scifi from a certain point of view.

Sep 9, 2019

This one almost got away from me folks. I'm usually on the ball but The Saturn Awards nomination happened back in mid-July and during this week, I only came across it. I had to scramble to get this podcast done before the actual show. While I am flying solo on this episode, I had Mr. Gene submit his picks to me including Michele St. Martin who was a previous guest on my Godzilla King of the Monsters podcast. You can click here to listen to that episode. The contest between the three of us is how many did we get right but what percentage did we get from the number of nominations we picked. There were many categories which we couldn't answer so rather than penalize, I thought the percentage was a better option. We shall see.

Normally, I would be doing my weekly Scifi News podcast this week but I'm getting out of Dodge for some needed R&R. In the meantime, enjoy this podcast and play along. I'll be doing a followup podcast next week.

Till then, take care.

The Monster