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The Monster Scifi Show

The Monster Scifi Show is your go-to weekly podcast that is filled with the latest scifi and pop culture news plus movie & tv reviews/commentary.

It’s Scifi from a certain point of view.

Sep 27, 2018

Mr. Gene and I back in a HUGE way for this week's podcast. Normally, I have a couple of news tidbits to talk about but since I was Mr. Gene, we had lots to talk about that I think you will want to hear.

As if that was enough, we broke down the "BIG" 3 Scifi items:

  • Casting news for the new Birds of Prey movie
  • Dark Phoenix trailer dropped like it was...
  • Star Trek Discovery Shorts

Wait, there's more. I give my thoughts about Twin Peaks The Return series. Should you get yourself some cherry pie and some damn fine coffee? Take a listen.

Finally, here's the link to the ESO Network Patreon page.