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The Monster Scifi Show

The Monster Scifi Show is your go-to weekly podcast that is filled with the latest scifi and pop culture news plus movie & tv reviews/commentary.

It’s Scifi from a certain point of view.

Nov 9, 2017

As I've mentioned on the podcast, I will be ending the Scifi News podcast for the rest of the year and a bit in January 2018. While it may be the most wonderful time of the year for many, this means for me the most hectic time of the year. I need to lighten my personal work load.

I have crammed lots of news items into this last show for 2017. As mentioned, here is the link to the music Cliff Eidelman produced for Star Trek Discovery before leaving the project.

Moving on, what were the "BIG" 3 new items:

  • Leapin' lizards there's a new script for Quantum Leap
  • Twilight Zone series is bringing brought back once more
  • More prequel Alien movie may not have an Alien in it

Finally, here is the link to my survey. By filling this out, you are truly supporting me and this podcast.